The Coronavirus poses a unique challenge to municipalities and health organizations trying to control its growth among populations. When COVID-19 began spreading, it was a novel strain, so theoretically anyone could get or give the infection and nothing was slowing down the infection rate.

Like other respiratory viruses, the Coronavirus is transmitted through person-to-person contact or in inhalation of infected aerosols. The effective reproductive number tends to perform exponentially until vaccines, other conditions or control methods are able to stop it in its path. Many health and government organizations around the world are hard at work to develop vaccines, effective control methods, and medication to treat patients. Yet, statistical projections suggest that in order to control the virus more than 60% of the transmissions must be blocked. 

At Puro we are interested in the viral contraction and early stages of epidemics as we focus on prevention, to stop outbreaks before they happen using our UV disinfection products, powered by Violet Defense technology. A recent study performed by the Antimicrobial Test Laboratories fortified the evidence of the efficacy of UV-C disinfection and its ability to kill viruses including the Coronavirus. The study showed a greater than or equal to a 99.94% reduction in Coronavirus after UV-C exposure lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

To read more about the data on Coronavirus transmission, check out the WSJ article:



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