Hospitality, COVID-19 and the Demand for Better Disinfection from Guests

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It’s been a long and difficult trip for the hotel industry. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality has been one of the hardest hit industries. Between February and early September hotels in the US lost more than $46 billion in room revenue, with projections of 50% losses for the year, according to STR and Tourism Economics. This has meant widespread, and heart-breaking, layoffs and furloughs and has put 33,000 American hospitality businesses at risk.

In order to drive revenue back up, hotels must find a way to win back the confidence of their guests who are already concerned about traveling in the current and post COVID world. We’ve seen a number of creative solutions emerge in the last eight months, but there’s no doubt hotels need to reshape their strategy and conform to guest expectations of much higher standards of cleanliness and disinfection.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, making guests feel comfortable has evolved to include a heavier emphasis on disinfection and safety. According to a McKinsey Consumer Leisure Travel Survey, most US leisure travelers, when asked what it would take for them to travel again, want additional health and safety measures.

Some things may return to “normal,” but many trends and behaviours are here to stay, including the demand for higher attention to disinfection and safety for guests and employees alike. And while the hospitality industry may take longer than other industries to fully recover, action can be taken now to win back the confidence of guests, and help hotels find new ways to deliver the level of disinfection travelers are demanding today and in the future.

Today, PURO™ UV Disinfection Lighting, powered by Violet Defense® technology, is helping hotels disinfect smarter to get back on their feet sooner. PURO Lighting products, paired with other safety measures, such as touchless or contactless experiences, can make guests feel safer and confident their hotel room and other public spaces are fully disinfected. PURO Lighting products are fast, flexible, affordable and will kill up to 99.9% of today’s COVID-19 virus, as well as bacteria, mold and fungi* that typically hinder a hotel’s clean operation.

Additionally, a disinfection routine that includes only surface cleaning is not enough to satisfy the expectations of your guests. PURO Lighting uses broad-spectrum light, including germicidal UV-C, UV-B and bactericidal UV-A to optimize their efficacy on both surfaces and airborne particles. PURO Lighting can provide disinfection in the air that is scientifically proven to prevent the spread of airborne diseases and pathogens.

PURO Lighting understands that a big part of keeping your hotel open and healthy is communicating to guests that important cleanliness and safety measures have been put in place for their benefit. That’s why we offer to work with our customers to help communicate how our technology works to make hotel guests feel safer wherever people gather on your property, including lobbies, guest rooms, gyms, restaurants, spas and more.

PURO Lighting has different products perfect for any application in a hotel setting. Our units can be mounted on a wall, embedded into a ceiling, rolled into different rooms on a portable stand, or programmed to run autonomously with the new PUROBOT UV robot. Our products are designed for ease of use, so hotel employees can set up quick, safe routines that won’t disrupt day-to-day business.  We are proud to help hotel owners, managers, employees, and guests rest easy knowing that their hotel is disinfected and ready to greet guests and provide peace of mind.

*Independently validated to kill up to 99.9% of E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella enterica, Norovirus, human coronavirus 229E, C. diff and C. auris

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