Protecting Patients and Health Care Workers with UV Disinfection Lighting

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Once again, COVID-19 cases are rising all across the United States, recently hitting 11 million cases. The second wave is stretching our medical systems and infrastructure and is putting more pressure on hospitals unequipped to handle the growing volume of cases. We’ve recently seen an extreme example of this challenge in North Dakota where Governor Burgum said that asymptomatic health care workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus can continue working, in an effort to ease the stress of handling the growing number of cases.

As always, we are grateful for our health care heroes who have put themselves at risk to provide care to our friends, family and communities throughout the pandemic. In this challenging moment we are proud to be working with hospitals and many other healthcare environments to help make their spaces safer with PURO UV Disinfection Lighting products, powered by Violet Defense® technology. But it’s not just COVID-19 that’s so challenging to hospitals. The CDC estimates that 1 in every 25 patients contracts a Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) daily posing economic challenges on top of the added threat of the pandemic. We’re dedicating ourselves to support hospitals and other health care facilities to create the cleanest, healthiest spaces for patients, health care workers and families alike.

We understand that for a long time, health care facilities have been concerned with HAI resistance to chemical disinfection. In some cases, entire facilities must shut down in order to achieve the level of disinfection required to ward off pathogens. PURO UV Disinfection Lighting products make it easier and mitigates that fear by irradicating up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* by destroying their ability to be viable or reproduce.

It is widely understood that COVID-19 spreads more through aerosols than on surfaces. A custodial routine that only cleans surfaces is not enough. PURO Lighting uses broad-spectrum light, including germicidal UV-C, UV-B and bactericidal UV-A to optimize their efficiency on both surfaces and airborne particles. PURO Lighting products can provide a level of disinfection in the air that will help prevent the spread of and pathogens.

PURO Lighting products are designed for ease of use and efficiency to remove some of the pain points inherent in other disinfection routines. We also work with clients to help market their partnership with PURO Lighting to better communicate how the technology works so that everyone feels safer and less stressed while at the hospital.

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, PURO Lighting has different UV disinfection products suited for any application. Our Helo fixtures can be mounted on a wall or permanently installed into a ceiling. Our Sentry units offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience as they can be rolled into different rooms on a portable tripods or carts. And for larger spaces and high touch areas, our new PUROBOT UV autonomous, programmable disinfecting robot can cover much ground while disinfecting along a predetermined route. PURO UV disinfection products are easy to use, so staff can set up quick, safe routines that do not need to operate while patients and health care providers are in the room. They can provide whole room protection no matter the size of the space and can be programmed to disinfect on demand in one cycle.

Hospitals and PURO UV Disinfection Lighting. Together we’re working on making spaces healthier for patients, staff, doctors and visitors.

*SARS-CoV-2, E. coli, MRSA, Norovirus, C. auris, C. diff

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