Revolutionizing UV Light Technology

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About Us

PURO® UV Disinfection Lighting

PURO UV Disinfection Lighting was founded by a group of industry veterans in the commercial lighting and controls market. From the very start, our vision has been to discover and use the very latest lighting technology to help protect people’s health and promote wellness wherever they may gather.

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Unleash the power of technology and innovation in light to make spaces safer and healthier for all.

Light can both illuminate and protect. It can inactivate viruses, kill bacteria, destroy mold and fungi, all while bringing peace of mind and confidence to people wherever they gather. Every day, we learn more about the beauty, power, disinfecting and restorative nature of light. PURO Lighting is on a journey to put the power of light, in all its wavelengths, to the benefit of all.

Our Leadership Team

Brian Stern

/ Chief Executive Officer

Webb Lawrence

/ Chief Operating Officer

Jim Colantoni

/ Chief Revenue Officer

Dory Pluger

/ Chief Financial Officer

Bill Brichta

/ Chief Strategy Officer

Adrian Armijo

/ Director of Engineering

Megan Sturdevant

/ Operations Manager

Melody Flores

/ Marketing Manager


against spreading viruses today


viruses from spreading further


for future viruses/pandemics

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