PUROBOT UV is the fully automated, full-spectrum, rechargeable UV disinfection robot from PURO Lighting.

The PUROBOT UV robot automatically inactivates viruses, bacteria and other pathogens up to 99.9%* on surfaces and in the air.

*SARS-CoV-2, E. coli, Norovirus, MRSA, C. auris and C. diff

UV Fully Autonomous Disinfection Robot




PUROBOT UV is the fully autonomous, mobile robot that automatically disinfects high traffic areas and shared spaces for viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi up to 99.9%*. All with no toxic chemicals, no specialized crews, and no wait time for employees to re-enter the area. It merges the innovative Fetch Robotics autonomous mobile robot with PURO Lighting’s unique full-spectrum, miniaturized ultraviolet lights, powered by Violet Defense® technology. *SARS-CoV-2, E. coli, Norovirus, MRSA, C. auris and C. diff

PUROBOT UV can be programmed to relocate to different positions in an area or room, pulse, rotate and pulse again to maximize UV coverage. Scheduling of disinfection can be initiated or modified from anywhere using a mobile device, browser, or integration with a scheduling system. Optional disinfection analytics provides disinfection event validation and UV light performance including date, time, location, photographic evidence, disinfection duration, and cleaning performance.

The PUROBOT UV system, powered by Violet Defense® technology, utilizes germicidal and bactericidal UV at all wavelengths from 200-400nm (UVA, UVB, UVC) designed to safely disinfect your  environment with no layout changes necessary to fit bulky disinfecting equipment.

Two Easy Ways to Bring PUROBOT UV to Your Facility

Perfect for schools and universities, hospitals, manufacturing plants, office buildings, sports facilities and more, you can purchase the PUROBOT or use the “PUROBOT as a Service” program allowing you to bring the power of a fully autonomous, programmable UV disinfection robot to your facilities in an easy, flexible and affordable way. Our leasing program allows you to make large-scale UV disinfection an operational expense as opposed to a capital expense.

Two easy ways to bring PUROBOT UV,
PURO Lighting's autonomous disinfection robot to your facility.


PUROBOT as a Service


The Complete Large Space UV Disinfection Solution

Fully autonomous UV disinfection for all environments including sports facilities, workout and locker areas, manufacturing, hotels, general fitness clubs, warehousing, hospitals, offices, airports, and wherever people gather. Each robot offers quick disinfection with minimal downtime and can disinfect up to 1,000 feet of linear surface areas in an eight-hour shift. Employees can resume using the area as soon as the UV lamps are off. 

PUROBOT UV is safe, with built-in motion sensors to prevent accidental UV exposure. Plus, the 4SITE cloud-based platform automatically records event validation and tracks performance. And best yet, it disinfects spaces automatically.


against spreading viruses today


viruses from spreading further


for future viruses/pandemics

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