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PURO UV Air and Surface Disinfection Solutions for HVAC Systems

Why UV light is the best way to disinfect Air and surfaces in HVAC systems

Most cost-effective way to create disinfection coverage throughout the building

Coil disinfection reduces HVAC costs by 4.5% – 15%, making it a sustainable technology while reducing bottom line costs

Inhibits creation of biofilm, increases indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort, increases occupant wellness

No need to worry about architectural integration

Increases filter lifespan and reduces the need to increase filters to a higher MERV rating that can contribute to pressure drop, causing HVAC issues

Reduces biohazard risks

Reduces the amount of mixed air needed, reducing bacteria on coils

PURO has a UV solution for every HVAC disinfection need


We’ll show you how UV disinfection can help you save time, money and maintenance while improving air quality.


Fighter Flex System

Easy to install, easy to afford continuous air disinfection UV-C kit expandable

  • Customizable System.
  • Fits into any space.
  • Easy plug-in installation.
  • Pacnet and Modbus compatible.
  • Smaller impact on airflow due to minimal surface area. 

The PURO Difference

By offering multiple UV technologies, we focus on the best solution for you.

Our in-house engineers and application teams will create and support the right solution for your needs.

From staff training to installation support and more, PURO's 360º Customer Success Program delivers the results you need.


against spreading viruses today


viruses from spreading further


for future viruses/pandemics

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