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PURONet UV Disinfection Control System

Why Choose PURONet

PURO Protect One Pager

PURO Protect Two Pager


PURO UV Air and Coil Disinfection Solutions for HVAC

PURO Air Two Pager

PURO Proof Positive COVID-19 One Pager

PURO Air Aurora Test Data One Pager

Case Study for Colorado Center of Medical Excellence

Case Study for Indiana University of Pennsylvania

PUROBOT UV Product Two Pager

PURO Digital Brochure

PUROHealth Digital Trifold

UV Air and Surface Disinfection Solutions for HVAC Systems

PURO SARS-CoV-2 Clinical Validation Summary

The ABC's of UV Light

Adding UV Light Disinfection to Your HVAC System

The Definitive Guide to UV Light Disinfection

The Future of Automatic Disinfection in Hospitals and Healthcare

Healthy Facilities, Healthy Athletes

The Power of UV Disinfection in Hotels and Hotel Facilities

The Power of UV Disinfection in Restaurants and Food Service

Smart Disinfection for Laboratories

TSmart Disinfection for Schools and Universities

Smart, Healthy Office Buildings

The Value of Green Cleaning and Sustainability


against spreading viruses today


viruses from spreading further


for future viruses/pandemics

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